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Our commitment

Beyond construction: Our ongoing commitment

We're committed to more than just delivering outstanding projects. Our commitment to safety, quality, the environment, our partners and the communities where we live and work is exemplified in how we do business, everyday.

Safety as a Value

We are committed to achieving an incident-free environment.

Therefore, we relentlessly prioritize the safety of team members, subcontractors, clients, and the general public. Every person on our job sites is held to a standard of action: consistent behavior, active participation in safety measures, and vigilance to potentially hazardous conditions.

Our approach

We emphasize communication, responsibility, accountability, safety procedures, and training and education. We empower every employee with the responsibility of maintaining safe worksites.

Additionally, Baras continually strives to improve the quality of existing safety programs, like job hazard analyses, documentation of risk assessments, and subcontractor safety orientation and control.

Through recurring on-site audits, we receive data-driven feedback on safety program implementation and opportunities for improvement.

Safety is incorporated in all decisions and activities: it is our number one Core Value.

Quality Matters – Start to Finish

We partner with our clients to deliver superior quality projects on-time and on-budget in a diligent, honest, reliable, efficient and collaborative manner.

Our quality program is focused on assuring predictable quality outcomes on all projects to further enhance customer satisfaction. The intent of this program is to define consistent applications of quality processes, clarify responsibilities, incorporate continuous improvement, limit rework and warranty activities, and achieve every project requirement.


We are committed to minimize the impact of harmful effects on the environment and make a responsible and efficient use of natural resources.

Our principles are:

  • We minimize the environmental impact of our activity: we prevent pollution, we reduce as much as possible the waste we generate and we optimize the resources we use in all our sites and workplaces.
  • We comply with applicable legislation: we assure compliance with all our legal obligations and those environmental commitments that have been signed by the organization.
  • We identify environmental risks: we analyze our risks and implement best practices that allow us to prevent pollution of our environment.
  • We promote awareness: we ensure that all the staff are held responsible for compliance with all policies, procedures, practices and laws applicable to their duties.
  • We seek the continuous improvement of our environmental performance: we measure, report, audit and review the key aspects of our performance, in order to improve our system.
  • We encourage innovation: We develop our capacity for innovation in processes performed by providing new solutions to environmental issues and adding value to our customers and the community.
  • We use energy efficiently: we manage our energy consumptions in an efficient way, reducing emissions, aware of our contribution to climate change.

Community matters

Baras culture is built on building more than structures. We believe our projects are building communities, and that the jobs don’t stop when the projects open.

We partner with the communities in which we operate, and we’re in it for the long haul, giving time, energy, and resources to the projects and charities that can help build these communities. It is, and will always be, an important part of our identity. We’re working with nonprofit organizations to support opportunities for minorities, youth and the underprivileged.