“    The word 'partner' is much overused these days. Baras Ltd. actually worked and acted like one.  ”
Ozen Salim, General Director,
OOO VitrA Ceramics Ltd.


Baras Construction intimately understands and expertly manages the special construction requirements needed to work around highly sophisticated systems and processes during new construction or major renovations.

Our teams work on tight schedules and around ongoing operations.

We maintain meticulously clean environments and seamlessly interface with all of the facilities personnel and end users throughout our entire involvement on a project. For companies that require highly-controlled manufacturing, research, and laboratory environments, we take an innovative problem-solving approach to making sure the facility we are building accommodates an efficient workflow for very specialized task sequences. And we are always on-call to help our clients keep up with the all the changes that can happen in a fast-paced industry.

Our experience covers a spectrum of complex and demanding projects.