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Once we've been awarded a construction project we immediately begin the management process and remain your partner until the project is complete and the building is fully operational, ensuring that the building meets your expectations.

During the construction phase, our focus shifts to the continuous monitoring of manpower, quality, schedule, and project costs to fully implement the design and ensure that all deadlines are met.


  • Site work supervision
  • Assistance with permit approval and certifications
  • Management of all requisitions, submittals and change orders 
  • Control, maintain and update overall project schedule 
  • Schedule weekly on-site progress meetings 
  • Project Reporting & Billings 
  • Coordination / Management of subcontractors and suppliers 
  • Safety management 
  • Quality Management (ISO 9001) 
  • Organize warranties and owner documentation 
  • Geological surveys 
  • Engineering 
  • Environmental Assessment Reports 
  • Demolition & renovation 
  • Piling & foundation works 
  • Civil & structural works 
  • Construction works 
  • Finishing works 
  • Mechanical & electrical installations 
  • Plant & equipment procurement 
  • Commissioning & punch list

Delivery methods

We perform under multiple contract types depending on our clients' requirements and preferences, including "lump sum", EPC, Guaranteed Maximum Price or negotiated procurement.

With more than 20 projects successfully completed in the past decade, the schedules and cost estimates that we develop are based on real-world experience and credible market information. We are accustomed to leading an interactive and supportive team environment that results in effective planning and delivery of both the design and construction phases.

Alternative Delivery methods:


Baras works under a single contract with the project owner to provide design, engineering and construction services. 

We are fully licensed for carrying out the detailed engineering design of the project, procure all the equipment and materials necessary, and then construct to deliver a functioning facility or asset to the client. (EPC Contract)


Baras is responsible for the construction services. On these types of projects, the owner contracts separately the design and provides the completed drawings and specifications out to general contractor. We get engaged after the pre-construction phase is complete and a full set of plans has been developed. Using the plans developed by the architect and engineers, we develop a bid that outlines all services, costs and expenses involved in the construction project.

Construction Management Multi-Prime (CMMP)

Construction Management Multi-Prime projects are split into three distinct phases: design, engineering, and construction. For each phase of the project, the investor executes a separate contract. With a CMMP project, the investor essentially acts as a general contractor, and we work as the contractor