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Planning and Design is a key focus of our company Baras. Our activities are based not only on the design experience, but also on the understanding of the construction procedure itself. Therefore, we guarantee the development of real completed projects.

Designing and Detailed design includes several stages:

  1. Project preparation based on the basic engineering plan
  2. It’s review and approval by the state expert review panel
  3. Detailed design of the structural and MEP systems
  4. Commissioning and handover.

Baras Group has all the necessary permits for preparing the Basic and Detailed design documents.

At the Basic Design stage, our engineers and technical experts develop the facility layout; work out the architectural, construction & technological solutions taking into account its functions, convenience and safety & environmental requirements. The prepared design documents and proposed solutions are done accordingly to the requirements of the government expert review panel. Moreover, we carry out constant quality control of the documents executed. 

After the approval of the design documents by the state examination bodies, we initiate the construction design stage. Detailed design carries out all the necessary calculations, schedules, drawings, feasibility studies, and bills of materials and equipment. Shop drawings directly regulate construction and installation.

We understand that timely construction and commissioning of the facility, its safety, health and environmental compliance depend on documentation quality. We will prepare design and detailed design documents in such a way that the facility will be erected on time, on budget and to the highest standard.